You are only as strong as your community. I am lucky enough to know some truly talented people. If I can't help you with something, please consider one of these creatives. #CommunityOverCompetition


Abby Wilkinson of Abby Chic- Lettering Artist

Birgitte Dewaele- Lettering Artist

Jason Helveston– Pastor and Author of Tell Me Everything

Kate BrannenWriter and Editor

Kindra Keller- Marketing Consultant and Web Designer

Leighann Marquiss- Life Coach  (she helped me gain the confidence to pursue this business full-time)

Liz Hewett- Graphic Designer

Matt Everitt– Visual Storyteller

Megan Kozelek- Social Media Consultant

Megan Klaus- Fiber Artist

Michele Howley- Photographer (she took all the images on this website)